Donor Spotlight: Clancy Herbst

Donor Spotlight

Clancy Herbst

Clancy Herbst, UCCS donor and advocate has supported students and facilities on the campus for more than a decade. Clancy and his wife, Linda, committed $400,000 to the veterans center, named the McCord-Herbst Student Veteran Center, which opened in 2016 as a dedicated space for student veterans and active-duty military members to study, socialize and receive personal services for academic counseling, financial counseling, and referral services. We asked Clancy a few questions about why he gives to UCCS and this is what he shared:

Tell us why you give to UCCS. I am an Army veteran, I like to support other veterans attempting to get an education.  

What about UCCS inspires you to give? I believe UCCS is succeeding in involving veterans to try and improve themselves.  

What are your hopes for the UCCS community? To grow slowly and continue to be an excellent education facility in southern Colorado. 

What is your passion? Teaching people about the investment industry and how to invest in their savings. 

What do you want your legacy to be? I cared about others. I want to give others a hand up.