Philanthropic Impact

Your Gift Makes A Difference

The Meaning Of A Gift

As a UCCS donor, you make the impossible possible. You fuel the future. You empower our students. You fuel success. You make an impact in our world today and for generations. 

Dreams are fueled by the generosity from community donors both in the facilities in which students study, but also the scholarships that enable their educations. Donors are changing the trajectory of many lives, and it all starts with one gift.

The Impact of Giving

Charles "Chip" Benight
Professor at UCCS
“There’s such strong support for veterans here in the community. This was like seeing what can happen when a community wraps around an individual and helps them. For me, it was really trying to make a difference in trauma survivors’ lives around how to get them back on their feet," Charles "Chip" Benight said.
"There’s such strong support for veterans here"
Professor Charles “Chip” Benight is helping military veterans suffering the invisible wounds of war through an innovative approach to research and clinical care at UCCS. Thanks to generous donors, he plans to expand his work to help trauma survivors of all kinds find hope and healing.
Becca Tonn
Scholarship Recipient, UCCS Alumna
"It's inspiring to know that a group of women believe in you and are rooting for you," Tonn said, reflecting on receiving the Karen Possehl Women's Endowment (KPWE) Scholarship. "That kept me going as I studied late into the night after my kids went to bed. The psychological support of KPWE — having a team behind me — kept me going through the exhaustion."

"School was my solace."
Becca Tonn, as a single mother of two, knew how difficult attending school could be, especially on the salary of a restaurant manager and bartender. Encouraged to apply for the Karen Possehl Women's Endowment Scholarship, which provides tuition assistance, mentorship and networking to nontraditional students who have overcome personal adversity, she was inspired when she actually received the scholarship.