Donor Spotlight: Helen Pigage

Donor Spotlight

Helen Pigage

Tell us why you give to UCCS.

UCCS has been part of my life since 1994 when my husband Jon was hired to teach in the Biology Department. He was a devoted faculty member for 23 years who firmly believed in "giving back" to the university and department that gave him the opportunity to work as a biologist and teach the next generation of biologists. In addition, the Biology Department was a great place for him to work and provided research and teaching opportunities for myself as well.

What about UCCS inspires you to give?

The dedication of University faculty and staff to students and their well-being and providing opportunities for research and personal and professional development.

After Jon established the Natural History Museum and Wildlife Research Laboratory, he worked diligently to increase the size of the collection, ensure proper maintenance of specimens and interest students in the many facets of wildlife research.

Why is UCCS essential in your life?

UCCS was a very "comfortable fit" for Jon who loved the people and opportunities afforded to him. The university has also given me the opportunity to continue to work and teach occasionally in the Biology Department. Furthermore, managing and maintaining the mammalogy collection in the Museum is interesting and challenging for me as I work to carry on Jon's legacy.

What are your hopes for the UCCS community?

Kindness, compassion and a great love of learning to be used to better oneself and others. Forward thinking that encompasses the university, the local community, the state and the country to make each a better place to live and work.

How does donor support open doors for opportunity at UCCS?

By allowing students to receive support for life-changing apprenticeships, research, and travel, they can gain new perspectives, grow professionally and personally in new experiences that they could not otherwise afford.