Student Emergency Funding

We’re Stronger Together

Students at UCCS have one thing in common — they are working towards a bright future. And they are challenging themselves to grow, boosting their families’ opportunity, and strengthening our community.

But sometimes, unexpected obstacles get in the way of those goals. For example, during a recent enrollment period here at UCCS, one college reported that more than 200 of their students qualified for support from an emergency fund. Most of those students needed just $100 - $250 to help them bridge the gap back to being able to register for classes. 

Your generosity can clear the way so that UCCS students are able to focus on what’s really important — dreaming big and working hard to enrich our Southern Colorado community, the state, and beyond.



Gifts to scholarships help alleviate unexpected financial hardship by supporting student needs associated with the cost of attendance.

Support Students

Student Resource FUNDS

Gifts to the university support students in a variety of ways, from alleviating food insecurity to assisting with mental and physical health care. The funds below are just a few opportunities to help UCCS students overcome obstacles. Gifts at every level provide much needed help.