HEROES Scholarship


Dedication. Hopes. Passions. Sacrifice. Commitment.

HEROES Scholarship

Hometown Education Resources & Opportunities Empowering Servicemembers (HEROES) Scholarship

At UCCS, 1 in 4 students are military connected and our active-duty service members are committed to securing our country's future, and are committed to achieving their academic goals.

A gift to the UCCS HEROES scholarship can have a positive impact on active-duty service members’ lives and our society as a whole. By investing in the education of service members, you are helping to create a more educated and skilled military and workforce, leading to greater innovation, economic growth and a better community.

UCCS stands at the heart of a diverse military community serving Army, Air Force and Joint Service Commands based in Colorado Springs. By integrating military experience into academic classrooms through the HEROES scholarship, UCCS diversifies its student body and connects the academic classroom setting to extensive real-world community service experience. –UCCS Alum, LTC Michael Baddley

How You Can Help

Your support to the HEROES scholarship helps to improve the lives of active-duty service members both personally and professionally while also investing in a more educated and skilled military and workforce. Active-duty service members face unique challenges when it comes to pursuing higher education, including frequent deployments, limited access to resources, and the need to balance military duties with academic studies. With your investment, the HEROES scholarship can help service members navigate some of these challenges by providing financial support for tuition, textbooks, and other educational expenses. 

HEROES Scholarship - A Snapshot

Positive Economic Impact

The HEROES Scholarship aspires to continue the commitment of building a highly skilled workforce to meet the growing community need, supporting economic development and strengthening ties with the local military community here in Colorado Springs. 

A Commitment to Service Members

The HEROES Scholarship ignites our community’s mission to support service members while stationed in the Pikes Peak region and makes UCCS a connected college experience for as little time service members are with us or as long as they are in the Pikes Peak region.



Covering a Need for Students

The average need for active-duty students is $3,000 and the HEROES scholarship aims to cover the cost of attendance gap. UCCS is committed to supporting active-duty service members as they pursue their degrees and become better leaders in society who make a difference.