Celebrating 55 Years with Al Schoffstall


Passion and expertise for over 50 years


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Recognizing Al Schoffstall for his 55 years at UCCS goes without saying his contributions have transformed the university and students. Al built the Chemistry and Biochemistry research program at UCCS from the ground-up. He helped create a modern science lab, produced groundbreaking research, and helped write the book on organic chemistry lab experiments.

Al’s commitment to excellence and originality combined with his dedication in the classroom has inspired generations of students who have become researchers, academics, physicians, and leaders in their fields.

Al’s students know that he loves to incorporate Top Ten lists in his lessons. Here are our Top Ten reasons why Al has exemplified success. 


  1. He prepares students to succeed and has taught 3,261 individuals over the years

  2. He has a wonderful sense of humor

  3. He always has a smile on his face

  4. He has generously given to make the campus community succeed

  5. He has taught over 15,400 student credit hours 

  6. He’s so dedicated to UCCS that he built the first sign out front

  7. He goes above and beyond to support students and has proudly taught first-generational Ph.D. students

  8. He remembers everyone he meets and makes them feel special

  9. He founded a running club at UCCS 

  10. He loves soccer and started an endowment to support the UCCS men’s and women’s soccer teams

We hope you'll join us in celebrating Al and all his accomplishments over the years.