Workforce Development

Fuel Workforce Development

uccs fuels success
Help Fuel Workforce Development

UCCS educates the next generation of global leaders, and they will ignite the economy, health and culture in southern Colorado for generations to come.  

Your investment and collaboration inspire excellence, while changing the trajectory of a student’s life. Collectively we develop a qualified and competent workforce, who contribute to their communities in Colorado Springs and beyond. 

UCCS encourages brilliant minds to seek opportunity larger than themselves — that opportunity is often found within this community. 

Ways You Can Fuel Success:

  1. Host a Dinner with 12 Mountain Lions
  2. Support an internship
  3. Post a job opening at the T. Rowe Price Career and Innovation Center
  4. Bridge a student to graduation through a scholarship


Partnerships That Fuel Success

  1. Ent Credit Union
  2. Memorial Hospital
  3. Southern Colorado Better Business Bureau
  4. T. Rowe Price